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  • samibaceri

    How do you reduce stress?

    Hello everyone! I'm curious, what do you do to reduce stress? I'm feeling pretty bad for the last few days, so I hope you can help me

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  • hrenmalin

    As for me, the best way to reduce stress is to play computer games. It's like you're going to a different universe for a few hours and forget about your real-life problems. Also, it's great that there's an easy way how to get money from cs go , and I like to profit by selling skins on the internet. It's a big advantage, and it makes me feel better as well.

    hrenmalin a raspuns in 18.12.2021
  • albertnakali

    Well, I just drink green tea with chamomile, and it usually helps me a little. But I can say that I'm not a stressed person in general.

    albertnakali a raspuns in 18.12.2021

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