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  • MarkUltra

    I don't know what to expect from the future

    Guys, I don't know what to expect from the future, and it makes me anxious. Have you experienced anything like that?

    MarkUltra a intrebat la 26/04/2022, ultimul raspuns din 26/04/2022 in Somnul bebelusului

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  • MarkUltra

    My mom can't figure out a new phone

    I think you know these parents' problems when they buy a new phone and can't figure it out. She needs to transfer contacts from the phone to the sim card, if I'm not mistaken.

    MarkUltra a intrebat la 09/02/2022, ultimul raspuns din 09/02/2022 in Somnul bebelusului

    2 Raspunsuri | 382 Vizualizari 0

  • 24-7LiveChat


    Expand your team with Instagram and facebook live chat operator, which will effectively and efficiently affect the work of the whole company. By supporting customers on social networks, real-time customer satisfaction and their attitude to the company increases. Our company specializes in finding and hiring ideal specialists, listening to all the requirements and wishes of our client

    24-7LiveChat a intrebat la 04/02/2022, ultimul raspuns din 09/02/2022 in Somnul bebelusului

    1 Raspunsuri | 119 Vizualizari 0



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