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  • theboostt8

    The river flows eastward688

    became a searcher,wanting to discover who i was and what made me precise. my view of myself turned into changing. i desired a stable base to start from. i commenced to resist3 stress to behave in ways that i didn’t like any greater,and i used to be delighted by who i in reality become. i got here to feel a good deal extra sure that no one can ever take my region.
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  • bestnewsfast


    i nsider there is a person who brings sunshine into your life. that individual may have sufficient to spread around. however in case you clearly have to watch for a person to bring you the sun and give you a great feeling, then you can have to wait a long timer
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    bestnewsfast a intrebat la 25/03/2021 in Nastere prematura

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  • Nellymaria

    Sarcina dupa nastere

    Buna ziua mamici. Am si eu nevoie de un sfat. Desi stiu ca voi primi acelasi raspuns ( nu se poate eu nu pot accepta). Sapt trecuta am pierdut o sarcina la 22+3. Ferita era complect dezvoltata

    Nellymaria a intrebat la 15/05/2017 in Nastere prematura

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