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  • ellapurnell

    Why is a retro-style game like Retro Bowl so popular?

    The retro bowl unblocked game was built by a guy whose passion for the classic game and football combined to create this gem. The game is simple enough for those who don't understand much about football, while also having enough content to please the most avid football fans.

    The rules of this game are made up of the rules of American Rugby. Each team will have 11 players. The goal is to score more points in the game.

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  • Deezi

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    Deezi a raspuns in 26.03.2022
  • OttoOsborn

    Great game! Very addictive and not P2P. Despite being obviously a retro game, it manages to hit all the bulls eyes in that area. That being said, the only con is the realism. I wish you wouldn't go 14-3 only to lose to an 11-5 team. I also play PUBG and Fate Grand Order online. Click here to learn more about FGO command cards.

    OttoOsborn a raspuns in 28.01.2022
  • vtorosort

  • vtorosort


    vtorosort a raspuns in 09.01.2022

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