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  • lapoka

    Problems in family life after 60.

    A loving couple can live happily ever after and die in one day only in wonderful children's fairy tales. In reality, everything is completely different. A prosperous and long family life is possible only with the joint desire and creation of spouses.

    The feelings of passion and love that dominate people's relationships at the beginning of marriage, over the years spent together, are transformed into a calmer, but deep and heartfelt tenderness and affection.

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  • Bekins

    It always seemed to me that forty years is a very long age, and sixty so generally with one foot in the grave. However, if you look at my grandmother and her friends, it doesn't seem that way at all. Found reviews on over 60 dating site and then actively flirt online. Of course they are so funny, I hope we will be the same.

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