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  • kloka

    How to invite a man on a date, so he did not refuse

    How to invite a man on a date, so he did not refuse
    It's hard to know if he's in love with you or if he's just being friendly. Some men, for a number of reasons, can send girls so contradictory signals that it is easier to decipher a spy report than to understand their intentions. On the one hand, you would never want to be in a ridiculous position, seem obsessive or desperate. On the other hand, you want to know how he feels. What to do? Look closely and listen to him more closely.

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  • ajalex

    Isn't the men should do the first move.
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    ajalex a raspuns in 13.08.2019
  • Muneerahmed

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    Muneerahmed a raspuns in 20.07.2019
  • krever

    I myself am such a person that I have fun chatting with almost everyone. Even if a girl came to me without mood or taciturn, I quickly gave her a reason to talk, because I tried to talk about something all the time. On the Internet, everyone is equal, girls will not expect actions from guys like in real life, that those will approach them and will get to know each other, everything is much simpler, the Internet breaks this stereotype

    krever a raspuns in 20.07.2019
  • Zeromm

    Sites where older people are looking for each other a lot. And there are a lot of scammers who are looking for victims. Do not let your guard down. Today deception is one of the forms of making money. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. Scammers have an approach to everybody. For older women, stories about the disease. For men, a treat in the form of young women. Swindlers can masterly play on feelings and rely on worldly wisdom is not necessary. Just be vigilant. You can transfer money to unsubscribe apartments and perform other monetary transactions only in relation to people who have gained trust

    Zeromm a raspuns in 03.06.2019
  • Dissa

    The youth serum has not yet been invented, but nobody has canceled the right to personal happiness. This does not need to be reminded to pensioners in the West who, with delight, meet the third age in order to carry out everything that was once put off for later. Life is just beginning they are sure. In old age, lonely people need to cooperate. There are at least three reasons why it is worth tying up with loneliness when you are over 50 60 or even more. In old age, such feelings as love, tenderness, trust, and respect acquire a special taste and character, and relationships — special strength. Rich life experience and the absence of sverhozhidaniyah are a solid foundation. Older women do not need sponsors and men - mistresses. Begin to be appreciated personality. Millions of older people around the world are mastering a computer to register on one of the many dating sites of The worldwide network basically provides the elderly with many advantages. Just make one important decision: “I want to change my life. I can be happy. ” And act.

    Dissa a raspuns in 03.06.2019

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