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  • lapoka

    How to impress a woman.

    1. . Women are talkative - listen and support. It is very important for a woman to speak out, and if you are able to listen to her, support her, then you fulfill her two basic needs: to be the only one (interesting) and to be emotionally safe. Women often fall in love with those who can genuinely listen to them with interest

    2. Every woman wants to be weak - help. If you listen to her and understand how you can help - help! She will be safe, and you will be needed.

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  • vtorosort

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    vtorosort a raspuns in 03.01.2022
  • StephenGarza

    To impress women, you should have to be yourself, girls like men who can make them laugh so you need to have a good sense of humor. You can watch some video's here on Porn Pics Now how to impress women.

    StephenGarza a raspuns in 08.11.2021
  • Bekins

    Stop thinking about the question of how to please your girlfriend. Everyone ponders this question, from generation to generation. It's good that there is a best site that will answer all the questions and give a concrete example of what can be done. You just have to choose what you can handle and go.

    Bekins a raspuns in 03.11.2021

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