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  • lapoka


    Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created on the basis of Blockchain technology (block + chain = block chain). Blockchain is a continuous chain of blocks built according to certain rules, containing certain information. And it is this information, and not the bitcoins themselves, that makes up the value.

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  • RoyOlson

    I want to tell you about a cool way to get bitcoins. You can win them with Bitcoin dice on Most of all on this site I like the lottery, as there is an opportunity to win a jackpot of $ 100,000. They also have excellent support service and a cool forum where you can discuss any questions with other players.

    RoyOlson a raspuns in 13.12.2021
  • NicholasLee

    What are your favorite casino games? Where do you play?

    NicholasLee a raspuns in 13.12.2021
  • MarkUltra

    Cool. Check some info about bitcoin on wiki

    MarkUltra a raspuns in 29.11.2021
  • Bekins

    Of course, the price of bitcoin is very attractive and therefore many people want to start earning on bitcoins. I want to share with you useful information about bitcoin-whale-clusters-point so that you can increase your level of knowledge about cryptocurrency and start doing real things. Just use the knowledge from the blog and you will succeed with cryptocurrency.

    Bekins a raspuns in 24.11.2021

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