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  • utilecopii

    De ce 8 Martie este ziua femeii?

    Intrebarea din saptamana acesta este: De ce "8 Martie" este ziua femeii? Asteptam raspunsurile voastre :)

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  • trika

    When there's nothing to do. When there is a desire to play a little with passion. Then I then use half a day to review the forecasts in the sport and choose the best option where to make your bet. And put in sports games usually online bookmaker pinup. Why am I playing here? I'm comfortable. They have so simple and clear everything is done on the site. I can calmly and analyze where to put the money and enter and withdraw. And you? You play games? What do yourself take, especially when there is something to do? How long have you been playing sports betting? Visit the real bookies or online play?

    trika a raspuns in 13.02.2019
  • Zeromm

    I would not advise to hope for forecasts on the Internet either. And not necessarily put every day. It is safer to wait for such a day when there will be a lot of offers for bets and there are plenty to choose from. And if you still decide to make bets on days when there are few matches and teams that you know little or nothing at all about, play, the bet will be unsuccessful. This has already been taught to me.

    Zeromm a raspuns in 23.02.2019
  • Zeromm

    You find yourself a good occupation for fun. I myself recently joined this entertainment. I still consider it as entertainment because I have not earned a single penny in the stakes. Found on the Internet a site where you can learn how to make predictions for sporting events. Here I am learning. but in general I love football very much and I know a lot of information about football teams. But I still can’t feel the right outcome of the game, so I’m not going to bet.

    Zeromm a raspuns in 22.02.2019
  • Zeromm

    Вы находите себе хорошее занятие для развлечения. Я сам недавно приобщился к этому развлечению. Я пока считаю это развлечением потому что еще ни одной копейки в ставки не заработал. Нашел в интернете сайт где можно научиться делать прогнозы на спортивные события. Вот я пока и обучаюсь. а вообще очень люблю футбол и очень много знаю информации о футбольных командах. Но еще не могу чувствовать правильный исход игры поэтому и не решаюсь делать ставки.

    Zeromm a raspuns in 22.02.2019
  • Leonardo

    Hey. I love to play games, but I have never made bets on sports games. But you wrote so simply and interestingly that I also wanted to try. I am not particularly interested in sports. Can you advise me where to start? Maybe there are special sites for learning?

    Leonardo a raspuns in 15.02.2019

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