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    Ce este omul?

    Intrebarea din aceasta saptamana este: Ce este omul? Cum?‚ explicati ce este omul, unui?‚ extraterestru care afla pentru prima oara de existenta acestei specii? Asteptam raspunsurile voastre :)

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  • Dissa

    To really win at the casino you need to forget that you came for the money. And just play and enjoy it. And if not strange luck really comes to such players and quite often. And I do not advise you to play roulette. Roulette is the winning game in which it has the lowest chance and depends on the type of bet.

    Dissa a raspuns in 23.02.2019
  • Zeromm

    Correctly the user has written to you that you have a little exaggerated the superiority of the casino Pin-up. A welcome bonus of one hundred percent is given on your first deposit. But this is not the main thing. I like your determination and desire to win. This is already good. Therefore, stay longer in this casino and see that with the growth of your rating you will have more and more bonuses and privileges.

    Zeromm a raspuns in 22.02.2019
  • Dissa

    You are a little mistaken. At Casino Ping Up, a one hundred percent welcome bonus is given on the first deposit. This means that they can give you a bonus in the amount of your deposit. Casinos in this regard do not cheat. How many gave as much and you will receive. The casino is not bad and the fact that it is young is good for beginners. Because the institution now attracts players to itself and creates loyal conditions for this. And that means it will be easier for newcomers to play it.

    Dissa a raspuns in 14.02.2019
  • Aoner

    Hey. You have a strong hobby for playing in a casino. Be careful. In the casino you can not only win. You can also lose a lot. For the sake of advice, I can recommend you use a tape measure. There are at least fewer moves. And that means losing less chance here. Play red and black. And do not hesitate to use the demo. Hone your skills on them.

    Aoner a raspuns in 14.02.2019
  • trika

    It turns out to be very interesting. I certainly understand that gambling is addictive, and that if you successfully play at least once in the casino, it can be a long time. Maybe not. But I remember when I first discovered online casino Pin-Up . You know, I was immediately given a lot of bonuses, I did not even put money. And began to play, I don't know. Or maybe I had a lucky day, but the game went so well. That I won a very substantial amount of money. I didn't even think I could. Since then, I've been playing, watching and trying options on how to beat online casinos. And I like it very much. Do you play?

    trika a raspuns in 13.02.2019

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