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Versiune completa: Pashupatinath Temple History
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It is said that the temple was first erected in the 5th century. After the ancient building was consumed by termites, Malla kings renovated it in the 15th century. With time going by, numerous temples were built around this two-storied temple and became a harmonious complex. The marvelous temple is one of the 275 Tamil Paadal Petra Sthalams, which means "Holy Abodes of Shiva".

Some elder people who believe in Hinduism come here to spend the last days of their lives. To be cremated on the banks and travel with the water of the holy river Bagmati River, they will release their karma and reborn as a human regardless how many misconducts they've done during their lives. In Pashupatinath temple, you can feel a special atmosphere of death, and meditate on life, death, and soul.
This is ancient history I never knew.
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